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  • Sonderaktion September 2015

    An dieser Stelle werden wir Ihnen jeden Monat ein größeres Werk vorstellen, auf dessen Preis wir einen Sonderrabatt gewähren.
    Ness, I.

    The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism, 2 Vols.

    Palgrave Macmillan
    Preis £ 300,- / ISBN 978-0-230-39277-9


    Im Oktober erscheint bei Palgrave Macmillan das Referenzwerk The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism in zwei Bänden.

    Das Set wird £ 300,- kosten und wir freuen uns, Ihnen bis Ende September auf diesen Preis einen Bibl.-Rabatt von 20% gewähren zu können.


    The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism presents prominent themes, epochal events, theoretical explanations, and historical accounts of imperialism from the beginnings of modernity and the capitalist world system in the 16th century to the present day. It offers a body of comparative research that challenges and enhances our understanding of today's world. Whereas imperialism is an indispensable element of contemporary political analysis and scholarly investigation, a primary academic reference work on the subject has up to now been sorely lacking. The Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism was conceived and designed to fill this gap for scholars and students across academic disciplines and, indeed, beyond the confines of the university. In its broadest definition, imperialism is the military, political, legal and/or economic control of one people's territory by another so that the subject territory is made to relinquish resources, labour and produce for little or no compensation. This work examines how imperialism has impacted societies in the Third World, that is, the former colonies of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as how it has shaped social relations and popular perceptions in the First World countries of Europe, North America and Japan. By highlighting the centrality of imperialism to present and historical realities, the Encyclopedia provides a multifaceted corrective to mainstream perceptions. Exploring the struggles waged against imperialism, the volume presents a range of biographies and movement studies that exemplify the rich and ongoing tradition of anti-imperialist theories and practices. The Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism is divided into seven sections: Biographies; Country and Regional Analysis; Culture and the Arts; History; Movements and Ideologies; Political Economy; and Themes and Concepts. It provides a comprehensive examination and overview of its subject, covering many of the most significant social, cultural, political, and economic aspects of the imperialist project. Essays chronicle the ways in which imperialist domination has unfolded, tracing its roots, goals, tactics, influence and outcomes over time and space. The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism is the most comprehensive scholarly examination of the subject to date.

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